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Stencibility is an annual street art festival held in Estonia from the year 2010. The purpose of the festival is to give credit to street artists for their contributions enriching the public space, to raise the community's awareness and to bring attention to urban art and to enrich the cityscape with high-quality art.

Festival events have varied from photo contests, lectures, film programs, city tours and workshops to creating and updating the street art map of Tartu. In recent years the main aim has been on inviting foreign and Estonian street artists to paint their works on legal walls in various places in Estonia. Mostly in Tartu (the second biggest city in Estonia) which has developed in the past 5-10 years a suprisingly active street art scene considering that it has 100 000 citizens.

Stencibility keeps anyone interested in Estonian street art informed year-round (, sells and distributes art and organizes lectures, workshops and guided street art tours in Tartu.

Photos from the last festivals:

Stencibility 2013
Stencibility 2012
Stencibility 2011
Stencibility 2010

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